Lilian Brouns




  • Smiley, chaotic and cheerful
  • Always late
  • Loves Italian food
  • Hates brushing
  • Renovates the interior of the house just about every month
  • Not the best driver
  • Loves a glass of rosé
  • Used to be a kindergarten teacher
  • Born and raised in Limburg
  • Favorite flower: peony

"After my ADFA (Advanced Dutch Flower Arrangements) and florist training, I organized flower arranging workshops for many years. Participants who came to me were all crazy about flowers, but they had a problem: they didn't know what to make up. That's why I was there. No idea where I creativity comes from, but I have a continuous stream of creative inspiration when it comes to flower arranging. I can think of something different every day.
Anyway, the number of participants became so great that I could no longer cope with it, so I decided to start with online instructional videos. That child grew into an international product that I am very proud of."


Welcome at LiliVerde Online Flower Arranging

Here you can find inspiration and instructions on how to make flower arrangements for every season and every occasion. The concept is simple: you sign up and you immediately get access all to the flower arranging videos including shopping lists. In addition, you will receive a fresh video in your mail twice a month.

How green are your fingers?

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Lilian's style

"I love romantic flower arrangements with a touch of modern. Each flower arrangement is unique and distinctive. I like to use natural materials such as reed or wood, but I also work with felt and colorful decoration materials. With the flowers I look at the shelf life and the season In the spring there are lots of ranunculus, in the summer peonies and hydrangeas, in the autumn I use a lot of berries, seed pods and discolored leaves (my favorite flower arranging season!) and in the winter there is the Christmas greenery."


Flower Mission

LiliVerde's mission is to make the world of flowers more beautiful. Flowers give color and atmosphere to your home. If you combine that with a passion for creativity, you are the one who brings a homemade exclusive flower arrangement at the party ... how nice is that!

It is the task of LiliVerde to teach everyone to make the most beautiful creations themselves by arranging flowers.



"A house without flowers is like a body without a soul"



This is how it works, flower arranging with videos. 


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