How does it work?

Hoe does it work?
Everything about the instructional videos of LiliVerde online flower arranging, the memberships and frequently asked questions.

This is how LiliVerde works
Flower arranging is a very nice hobby, and sometimes it is difficult to think of something creative that suits the season or the occasion. That is why LiliVerde is there. Monthly two new instructional videos on the website explaining step by step how to make a beautiful flower arrangement at home. You will receive a shopping list so that you know exactly what to buy for the flower arrangement of your choice. Then all you have to do is roll up your green fingers and follow the video. Creative with flowers!

1. Watch the instruction video of your choice
Every two weeks a new video tutorial with a unique flower arrangement that suits the season or the holiday is added to the website. This way you can brighten up your home and garden with something new or bring the best handmade gifts to birthdays. Of course, you can also watch previous videos if you are looking for something specific. As a member you can easily log in to this website and you can watch unlimited videos that match your subscription.

2. We make the shopping list for you
Sometimes it is difficult to estimate what you need for a flower arrangement or wreath. Often you buy just too little or let yourself be tempted by decorations that you cannot end up in your flower arrangement. Fortunately, you now have LiliVerde, because we tell you in advance exactly what to pick or buy (including cheaper options where possible) with the shopping list.

3. Make a beautiful flower arrangement yourself
When you have all the stuff at home, it's time for the real thing! Create a nice workplace at a table from which you can watch the instructional videos and follow what Lilian does step by step. Is it going too fast? Then you just pause the video. You watch the videos as often as you want on the computer, tablet or smartphone.

Everyone can arrange flowers!

The LiliVerde memberships
You can choose from three different memberships: RELAX, SMART or HANDY. With HANDIG you can cancel per month. Do you want a discount and more available videos? Then you take a SMART subscription (one-year) or a RELAX subscription (two-year).

Memberships & Pricing

After registering via the memberships page, an account will be created for you. You will receive a confirmation by email. After payment you have immediate access and you can get started. When you go to the video tutorials, you will see all available examples. You can only see the tutoria videos that come with your subscription.

You will receive an email from us each time a new video is posted. Note: sometimes it is possible that an e-mail ends up in the junk or spam folder! Check this yourself and indicate in your mailbox that it is not spam. You can avoid this by adding our email address to your address book.

Does a subscription stop automatically?
If you have a SMART membership, your subscription will automatically expire after one year. If you have a RELAX membership, your subscription will automatically expire after two year. You don't have to do anything for that. You can of course always extend if you want to longer enjoy the floral inspirational videos. If you are a member of HANDY, the subscription will continue until you indicate that it must stop. This is paid by direct debit. With HANDY you can cancel per month.

You can see the type of membership and the start and end date of your subscription via My LiliVerde. You can also cancel or change your subscription here. For example, you can upgrade HANDY to a one-year or two-year subscription at any time. You will receive a notification by e-mail in advance if your subscription threatens to expire. After your subscription has expired you will of course no longer have access to the video tutorials.

You can cancel by simply sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and the notification by which date you wish to stop.

How do you pay at LiliVerde?


  • The first time you pay via iDeal, PayPal, VPay, Mastercard, Visa, Credit Card or via manual transfer. It is not possible to pay cash or in installments.
  • After the first payment, a direct debit follows for the membership HANDIG as long as you continue the subscription. Debt collection from the bank is done around the beginning of the month.
  • If you are a member of the SMART or RELAX membership, your subscription will expire after one or two year. You will receive a reminder twice asking if you want to renew. If you do not do this, your subscription will automatically expire.


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